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Technology Focused.

We leverage technology to help deliver humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs where they're needed most.

Urgent mission to Mozambique

Delivering solar powered lights to Chimanimani Or Dombe in Mozambique after the horrific Cyclone Idai

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Urgent mission to Bahamas

We are working hard to bring water and light and clean water to help those displaced by Hurricane Dorian

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About us

smartAID is an international aid organization leading the development and application of technologies and innovations specifically designed to solve humanitarian aid and sustainable development challenges.

We are a specialist group of veteran humanitarian aid experts with over 30 years of experience in the field, collaborating with passionate tech experts and innovators to design and implement technologies that can bring lasting change and economic benefits for those living in the developing world.

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What we do

Immediate disaster support

We assess disaster areas and source supplies and technologies to provide the right aid at the right time.

Longterm technological support

We provide technological implementation, training, and ongoing support to distressed communities.

Technological implementation consultation

We help distressed communities understand the what technologies they need to prosper once again.

Technological guidance to organizations

We guide organizations looking to create positive impact through technological implementation.

Drive aid-orientated innovation

We work with partners to bring to life aid-focused products, services, and enabling technologies.

In-field technological adaptation

We work with partners to adapt and implement existing technologies to disaster situations.

Recent projects

iAID Brings Solar Light Disaster Relief Technology to Puerto Rico

The 2017 hurricane season has been devastating for Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents. One of the major challenges has been resurrecting the island’s antiquated electricity...
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iAID South Sudanese Rhino Refugee Camp Uganda

Thanks to the generous financial support of a private investor in the United States, iAID has completed two lifesaving emergency aid missions to help South…
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I worked with the iAID team, who recently came to Palu in Sulawesi, Indonesia, to deliver aid to the Tsunami , earthquake, landslides and Liquefaction victims.

Their team arrived and were incredible organised. They specialise in innovative technology for emergency and humanitarian work.

They raised the money and bought Solar powered lanterns and water purifying units and delivered all of them directly to the victims who have no clean water or electricity. They delivered 5,000 and they made sure they gave 1 to each family in each camp they went to.

They changed the lives of many people whose hearts they touched as well as bringing smiles to them with their lights and water purifying units.

I can never thank them enough! THEY CHANGED SO MANY LIVES…I witnessed how they made people smile, how children played and read after dark, after sitting in the dark for 5 months! I saw how happy the people were when they received these 2 precious items.
Selpi Wongkomo
Founder of Yayasan Misi  Penuaian