Disaster relief on Abaco Island, Bahamas after hurricane Dorian

smartAID carried out disaster relief efforts on Abaco island in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian, and provided  critical support to a number of other NGOs.

smartAID built a hub on the island to ensure all NGOs, including smartAID, could work and communicate effectively. The hub housed 50 volunteers from various NGOs and offered them a solar powered shower, toilet and a petrol pump, as well as bedding. It’s 2 months later and all the NGO’s are still living in the smartAID tent, which has helped them stay on the island and do their work properly.

smartAID also provided the following to aid the recovery of Abaco island:

  • smartAID gave walkie talkies for the other NGO's to get around the island to rebuild and clear up the island.
  • smartAID TEAM of professional tech guys set up telecommunications on the island.
  • Our team also handed out “little sun” solar powered lights and water purifiers to the people left on the island.
  • Our team worked together with a local team who handed out pellets to stop dengue fever.
  • On the mainland Nassau and also on Grand Bahama, smartAID handed out thousands of hygiene packs to all the women in evacuation centres.  
  • Our team handed out thousands of solar powered lights to the people and especially all the children in the evacuation centers. These lights help the children and mothers feel safe especially when they go to the toilet at night. And they are able to read at night when all the lights are turned off in the shelters/centers. Most of the Centres on the had up to 1000 people in Gymnasiums, school sports centres and  churches.